A Dandy Gold Chandy

Sorry folks, missing the before picture on this one, but it turned out so pretty I just had to post it. I found this proud beauty at a local thrift store. Her box was broken and she was feeling down, she had just enough energy left to call out to me. I circled the store a few times, trying to ignore her, hoping she would stop, but she didn’t. We locked eyes and then I knew she was the one for me. Insert dramatic music here. I couldn’t believe it, she was only $10.00 and the only thing broken was her box. I took her home, gave her a coat of paint, and now she lives with me. Unbroken, not down, and in bright, beautiful, golden glory! …

Jelly Beans & Bacon-



Update: I found the before picture! Yay!


2013-01-26 17.28.21




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