Funky Town

This chair was one of those inspired moments that are infrequent, but make all design worthwhile. I bought this chair many years ago for a computer desk, but since then we have changed the room and no longer have the desktop PC, so I thought why not make it over?

I originally painted her a pesto green and  though I liked the green color it was old and needed a touch up so I decided to repaint with a new color, charcoal grey (one of my favorites). I began spraying and realized that the paint wasn’t adhering to the chair. Instead it ran all over the place.

Side rant…Have you guys noticed these new nozzles they are putting on spray cans? I absolutely abhor them. You can’t get an even coat to save your life. The nozzle allows for a vertical or horizontal WIDE spray and nothing in between, which then causes you to waste half the can!!! Okay I apologize, deep breath, and continue.

After I noticed the runs, I let it dry and decided to sand it off and re-coat with a different type of paint. When I started sanding I liked the green and natural woods peeping through, and the next thing I knew I had roughed up this baby and didn’t even buy her dinner first!…


Bacon Heart


Before Funky Chair

Funky Town Front

Funky Town Right

Funky Town Left



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