I’m Stumped

Usually my ideas come from everyday items. I can walk past an ironing board in a local super center and it will spark some kind of inspiration. I love when that happens. It didn’t quite happen that way on this project. Though really, my “personal creative juices” never even dripped once when I came…..fine, truth is that I completely and without reservation stole this idea. The worst part is, I’m not even sorry!

I was shopping, uh, I mean browsing online at one of my favorite stores, West Elm. I’m way to frugal to spend $9,000 on a towel rack.  Then I saw it. Our eyes locked, though it was on the screen and it didn’t have eyes. The most gorgeous table made from a tree stump.  I knew I had to have it. I wouldn’t buy it, oh no. I wasn’t shopping I was just browsing!

I grabbed my husband’s axe, got into my off-road vehicle and traveled miles into the woods until my bumper grazed the front of the largest most majestic cherry tree I had ever seen, then channeling Lincoln, I chopped that puppy down.

Yeah, yeah, caught me again. I didn’t do any of that. Actually, I was gifted some cut up stump pieces  from friends & picked up some from lawn trash piles on the side of the road. After stripping the bark off and a little sanding, I got creative. Each I did a little differently, hard coat, stained, painted, made a cup holder on one, and even carved Mount Rushmore and the Mona Lisa into the side of one.

Fine! I didn’t do that last bit either. I can’t get anything past you guys.

Bacon Heart

Before Stumps


2013-03-28 11.26.29 2013-03-28 11.27.03 2013-03-28 11.28.02 2013-03-28 11.28.21  2013-04-22 17.07.46 2013-04-22 17.07.58 2013-04-22 17.57.13 2013-04-22 17.57.25 2013-04-24 13.59.39 2013-04-24 13.59.49

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