You Never Forget Your First

Okay all you dirty birds, I’m talking about my first project! Well It wasn’t actually my first project, but it was the first time I feel in love with one and actually thought that other people might like them too. It’s sort of the obvious. I only had so much room to clutter my own home until my husband finally crossed his arms and said my name in that low, slow voice. I can’t help it, I just love to DIY. Then after too many people flattered me with Ohhh’s and Ahhh’s, it finally hit me. Other people might want to see this stuff, or better yet, have it for their very own.


I bought these night stands on clearance from Target the first year Charlie & I were married. I think they were around $40.00 including tax for both. It is now nearly 13 years later & I have since changed styles & bedroom furniture. Since they were not real wood, I had to do a bit of thinking until inspiration finally hit me and I put the two twogether. I loved the idea of the fun colorful fabric on the top, however it didn’t work for my buyer. She asked that I cover it in black. She said she planned to use it in her entryway! My heart still flutters when I think about my piece greeting all of her guests. I guess you never do forget your first!


Bacon Heart


Before First Project


After First Project 1



After First Project 3





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