Please Approach the Bench

I am sure that I will say this many times throughout the life of my little blog, but this is by far my FAVORITE piece to date!

I found this coffee table a while back and it was looking kinda blah. I almost passed it up, but the legs and detail were so intricate I thought surely there is something I can do with this. Well then it sat in the garage for months. Heck it sat there so long it didn’t even call out to me when I passed by anymore, but one day Mama nonchalantly said, “Hey, you should make a bench out of that!” The Heavens opened, Angels sang, and I headed to the fabric store for the most awesome Suzani print they had! Today it is so beautiful I almost hate for anyone to sit on it, but you should sit on it, in fact everyone should sit on it. It’s fabulous!


Bacon Heart


Before Bench





Bench 1

Top View 2 Bench

Leg View Bench

Update: This bench can now be seen at our local Johnny’s Garden Juice Bar. If you didn’t have an excuse to go before, now you do! Try the Bootcamp Blast it’s delicious!

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